An acceptance letter from a university application. An university application form together with the letter of acceptance with a red rubber stamp of "Accepted" on a table top still life. Photographed close-up in horizontal format with selected focus on the rubber stamp impression.

Early Bird Package

Scheduled at any time from January 1st – May 1st

This package is designed for freshman and sophomore students as they embark on the college application journey. We provide the student with advice on planning a pre-college high school itinerary focused on college admission. These services are delivered over the course of four in-person meetings, where I work holistically with your student to create an action plan for their high school career, this includes the development of an academic curriculum plan, extracurricular activities, and summer programs to enrich their college applications. The time to begin preparing for applying to college is when the student begins high school, if not sooner. Colleges look holistically at your child’s academics, extracurriculars, and community service. I work with students to develop a plan that they enjoy and find meaningful, and that will position them for success in the college admissions process.

Through understanding their needs, goals, strengths, and weaknesses, we conduct a review of current academic records and testing, provide advice on course selection, make recommendations for extracurricular and summer activities and create a timeline for ACT/SAT testing as well as any tutoring if necessary. While test scores are not the only thing colleges look at in a student’s application, they remain an important component. By creating a timeline and obtaining tutoring if necessary, your student can be as prepared as possible. This also ensures they don’t miss potentially important standardized test dates. Early planning helps to mitigate anxiety through the process. This framework will help ensure continued success in their high school career.

(This package can be taken in either year as the timeline will be dictated by the grade.)

  • Students who purchase an Early Bird Package can apply the fee towards a more comprehensive package if they sign up later in their high school career. 

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