The College Application Process...Simplified

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

– Benjamin Franklin

College Admissions Consulting

Finn Educational Consulting, LLC is an educational consultancy specializing in college admissions counseling. The company was named for my son who has traveled on his own education journey. The “fins” in the logo represent a compass –  whatever direction you choose on this journey will be the right direction for YOU.

There are thousands of colleges in the United States. Determining which one will best meet your child’s needs and abilities has become both costly and complex. College admission is not just test scores and grades. Colleges look at test scores and grades, but there are other components to evaluating applications. Factors like activities, interests, sports, work history and volunteerism, in addition to the grades and test scores, are important in the admissions process.

Finn Ed will take that same detailed approach when working with your student and empower them to identify and utilize their strengths and interests. Our counseling and research services are integrated to give students comprehensive support.