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Why FinnEd?

Determining which of the hundreds of colleges will best meet your child’s needs and abilities has become a highly complex, costly, and often stressful process for many families. Selecting the right academic courses, taking the appropriate entrance exams, developing a meaningful resume, planning summer experiences, and writing outstanding essays, which have taken on a significant role in admissions decisions, can all make a major difference in gaining admission to the institution you choose.

Every year the college admissions process becomes more complicated. With the ever-growing number of applicants, students need every advantage when it comes to the applications of their chosen schools. What other elements are at play in this process? Does your student have test anxiety? Are factors like learning disabilities or differences affecting your student’s performance? What can you afford? These and many other questions are in the minds of parents as their students embark on the college application process. At Finn Educational Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to provide a highly personalized experience that will lead to the right college for your student based on criteria that makes sense to YOUR family. More than ever, having a relevant college degree is a necessary step to ensure success in the workplace. Students need to start early to begin designing their path towards college admission. Let us guide you in that process.

An Investment now . . . for the future

Financing a college education will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Sticker shock often overshadows the application process. Making the wrong college choice can prove costly both emotionally, in terms of undue stress, and financially, in that it can add years to the time it takes to complete an undergraduate degree. Working with a consultant generally increases the likelihood that your student will select the school that is right for them.

A Personal Approach

Today’s school counselors have many roles, and it is difficult if not impossible to focus on the college admissions process with the individualized attention each student needs. In North Carolina, there are on average 400 students for every school counselor. They simply don’t have time to give personalized advice to every student on their college and financial aid options. According to the United States Department of Education, public high school students receive an average of 38 minutes of personal advising on College Admission. A recent study by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA), showed that 26% of high achieving students now entering college enlisted the support of an independent educational consultant.

Knowing how to prepare for and apply to colleges can make an immeasurable difference – academically, socially and financially. As independent consultants we are not tied to any specific school or college, nor are we burdened with unrelated duties. We are available at the family’s convenience, not just during school hours during the school year. At the very least, even partial scholarships can ease the load on the family or ensure that the student doesn’t have to balance studies with part-time or full-time work.