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Students need a roadmap to guide them through the fog to the college of their dreams. Finn Educational Consulting works with students and their families to help them build that roadmap, allowing the student to take their future firmly in their own hands.

FinnEd will customize a college advising plan that meets your specific needs. Everyone has an individual story that should be told. Whether you’re undecided on your college path or highly focused on a subject or program, we’ll help you make informed academic and extracurricular choices, build a list of schools, and compose applications that represent your best self. We’ll also work through those concerns and questions, regardless of where you are in the process.

What is the next step?

You can schedule a free 20-minute phone inquiry where we:

  • Discuss your students background
  • Provide a brief overview of the college application process and services we offer
  • Answer your questions to relieve the stress of the unknown, and put things in perspective
  • Decide whether we are the right fit for your college search

Though we tailor our program to meet the needs and learning style of each student, the following is a general outline of our process. While we advise our comprehensive packages as the best value – hourly options are available as well.

Preparing To Apply

CONSULTATION Consult with students to determine their needs and administer personality and learning assessments to get them started on the path towards success

RECORD REVIEW Analyze academic records, relevant testing and extracurricular accomplishments to provide an accurate, honest, and realistic assessment of the student’s options

DEVELOPMENT OF ACTION PLAN Develop plans for coursework, testing, schedules, extracurriculars, and summer programs

RESUME PREPARATION Help students prepare and hone resume

CREATE COLLEGE LIST Provide a researched list of target schools, including requirements, deadlines, fees, and locations, as well as any other pertinent information

IDENTIFY SCHOOLS Identify schools in three categories – “safety” “likely” and “reach” schools to maximize the student’s options and opportunities

IDENTIFY TEACHERS Identify teachers for recommendations

FINANCIAL AID/SCHOLARSHIP REVIEW We will review financial aid information, scholarship options and any special circumstances so you have every opportunity for financial assistance

TAILORED TIMELINE Provide a customized timeline for student’s application process and regular check-ins to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule

FINN ED ACCOUNT Provide a customized login to our portal for easy access to all of student’s FINN ED information and communications, including essays, school lists, emails, calendar and notes

The Application

APPLICATION COMPLETION Work closely with the student to complete all sections of the Common Application

IDENTIFY TUTORS Identify and refer for specific admissions examinations (SAT/ACT) as well as general academic support if necessary

ESSAY DEVELOPMENT Brainstorm and provide feedback on essays and personal statements

MOCK INTERVIEWS Conduct mock interviews with students to coach them for sessions with admissions officers or alumni interviews


FOLLOW UP VISITS Prepare students for any follow up visits to institutions where they have been accepted

ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER Work with the student and family to determine which offer of admission works best both academically and financially

MOVING ON Leave to attend a college of your choice with confidence that the you have made the best fit for you!

Finn Educational Consulting LLC provides a customized plan for each student to travel the admission and placement journey and find his or her “best school fit.”  With a personalized approach, each student can reach their educational destination with confidence and success.  We understand the importance of knowing each student and family well enough to create a college career path that serves the unique goals and strengths of each student.

OUR SERVICES: Service Plans include both hourly and full-service options. All packages include ongoing consultation within the determined duration of services.  Fees are initiated after the consultation session.